I heard more and more people are leaving the company.

Here is the stupid thing. I have written about this before. Everytime somebody leaves the company, the chairman and his close cronies will sit and talk for hours about how bad that person is.

Sometimes, they will keep it very hush hush that somebody left. But sometimes they will announce it and let everybody know that somebody has left. Whatever it is, the public and private message is that this person is 100% bad for leaving and it is 100% their fault that they left.

They will make up a story about why this person left. They will always say that it is because of this person’s weakness or attachment, like they cannot stand the training, or they are too attached to the worldly life and they don’t want to give up their worldly things, or they are attached to their partners and cannot give it up, or they are weak and stupid and cannot understand what the chairman is doing for them etc etc their favourite thing to say is that the chairman and the company did sooooooooooooooooooooo much for this person and look at how ungrateful and selfish this person is that they will just leave like that after everything we did for them.

They have all these mini campaigns to talk badly about every single person who has left.  But they never, never, never, never, never ever look at what part they have to play to make people want to leave. If one or two people leave, then maybe you can consider that it is just those people who are a bit weird. But now more and more and more people are leaving but they will never stop to think and consider how are they responsible for causing people to be so unhappy that they will want to leave??

If you were a really good place and really did good things for people and people are happy and peaceful and strong, why will they want to leave? But more and more people are leaving. I heard that even the very close people to the chairman have left. What is going on? Is it true that every single person who left is wrong? Or is it there is something much more going on that is making so many people – even the close ones – to be so unhappy?

Oh, of course, the chairman also has an explanation for this! He will say that when the company grows, then some people cannot handle it. On a spiritual level, they do not have the positive karma to allow them to remain there, so they will drop out along the way as the company gets more advanced. He says that not everybody can handle enlightenment because it becomes more and more tough and the “requirements” are higher, so the people who have a lot of negative karma will be pulled away by this negative karma and they will leave.

This makes people believe that only the truly good and privileged and spiritual people will stay and it is a sign of weakness and bad karma that you leave.

The chairman will also turn it around and say, well every single organisation or religious group in the world has people who leaves. So it is no big deal. It is normal that people will leave.

So these are the standard lines that we, as his close followers and assistants, have to tell new people or people on the outside who don’t understand why people leave. We have to tell people that it is all 100% the fault of the person who leaves – they have bad karma, they are attached, they are selfish and ungrateful, they cannot stand the training. We also have to tell people how much the chairman has done for this person. We give examples and stories and even share what personal stories about what we have seen that the chairman has done for this person over many years. We emphasise over and over again how much the chairman loves this person, he had such high hopes for this person, he treated this person like his own family, he spent so much money on this person, he even helped this person’s family. we will talk and talk about how many good things the chairman and the company did just for this one person, then we will throw the bomb – “how can this person just leave like that after they received so much from the company and when the chairman loves them so much?”

Of course, we never share the bad things or all the pressures or difficulties that the person may have to face. We never say that the chairman maybe beat this person or threw him on the ground. We never say that this person maybe was put in a room and 30+ people screamed at him for 10 hours. We just say that they are ungrateful and they are weak and they cannot stand the training, and how selfish and stupid they are to throw away so much opportunity.

Of course, if we are talking to a new person or a person on the outside who does not know the full story, they will think what a bad, ungrateful person is he that left. Of course, that is the intention. We must make people believe that the person left because they are totally bad and ungrateful and selfish. We must not give any hint that they were unhappy because of the circumstances or the situation or because the company did anything bad.

The company and the chairman takes absolutely 100% NO RESPONSIBILITY for anybody being unhappy or wanting to leave.


This is a continuation of the previous post about gossip.

The chairman has the “power” to make his followers think negatively about somebody. But he also has the power to make them think positively.

So one day, somebody can be the biggest loser in the company and everybody hates him.

But then the Chairman will say one good thing about that person and praise him, and then suddenly everybody loves him again.

One day, we can be talking about how bad this person is  – he is selfish, stubborn and angersome. Everybody also contributes their opinion about this person. Everyone has something to say about how they do not like this person and they all give examples and stories about their experience with this person.

But after a few days, maybe this person does one thing that makes the chairman happy, then the chairman will change his tune and he will send out lots of messages to everyone saying how happy he is with this one person. Suddenly, the chairman will talk about how hardworking is this person. Chairman will say that he is sincere and very good at his work, and there is this and this and this in the company that would not be possible if he was not here.

Wow! then everybody also starts saying how great is this person. Everyone will also say something about how they now like this person and they give examples to support what the chairman said that he is hardworking, sincere blah blah blah.

So one day, you can be everybody’s enemy and everyone thinks you are a useless piece of shit. And the very next day you are the star and the hero of the day and everybody is saying that the chairman loves you so much and you are such an important and valuable part of the company.

Double standards? Stupidity? Like blind sheep? Or just totally insane?

You think that the chairman is always very busy and he is doing so much work all the time. But here is the truth.

A lot of the time, he is just sitting in his room gossiping with his close students. I was invited to a few sessions like this. I thought maybe it was only because I was a “special invited guest” there that day so he was relaxing and just spending some time talking, but when i asked the people in his household, they said that actually, it is like this a lot of the time.

He will talk about other people in the company or even other followers who are working in his household. He will gossip about them, and ask everybody in the room to share their opinions about this person. If you try to say something nice and stick up for that person, he will tell you that you are wrong and correct you. It doesnt matter what you say anyway because he has already made up his mind. After he hears what everybody has to say, then he will give his conclusion about the person – of course this is almost all the time negative. He will say this person is very attached to relationships, or that person is very selfish, that person is so full of anger, this other person is lazy and unmotivated. It goes on and on. It is like a buffet of talking negative things about people.

Of course, the chairman will justify and explain and say that it is important  we talk about people so that all of us can understand him better. When we know what is his problem, then we can help him better. This does not work of course because what actually happens is that people only pick up the negative talk and they leave feeling angry or upset. Or they feel more arrogant because they think now they are better, they know what is this person’s problem and they are upset that he is causing so much problems etc.

So they don’t actually help that person. They exclude him more or they make sarcastic comments or worse, they will pull him aside and tell him all his problems and what he is doing wrong etc etc etc Then every time that person makes a little mistake even if it is not on purpose, they will all jump on him and say, “You see! It is just what the chairman said about you! It’s because you are lazy / selfish / angersome /  stubborn”. Everything that the person does becomes a confirmation of all the things that the chairman has said about them.

A lot of times, even if you don’t think anything bad about this one person, the chairman will spend hours and hours and hours talking about it so strongly until you think that yes, maybe he is really like that. You think it must be true if the Chairman can talk about it so much and give so many examples. And anyway, you think the chairman is only doing this to help that person, right? the chairman himself will say “you know, I don’t get anything from saying all this stuff! What do I get in return for doing this?” So you think, “Oh yah, I guess that’s true. He doesn’t get anything, so I guess he must be doing it somehow to help us understand that person better so we can help him….”

You think the chairman is busy? This is the truth. This is what he is busy doing. Gossiping with one group of followers about another group of people, turning their minds against each other and creating conflict.


I thought about this a lot since I read JS sharings that I posted up a few days ago. I didn’t write about this before i think but I think it’s time I write something now. Yes, everything that JS says is true. There is a lot of violence in the company.

People on the outside maybe will be shocked to hear this but it is quite common for the chairman to throw very heavy things at people, or get up to beat them with his bare hand or with objects. He will even pick up people and throw them to the ground or push them away with force. If the person reacts or starts to cry, he will shout at them to stop crying or he will get even more angry and become even more violent.

Usually, the people around are very shocked and also very scared. They dare not do anything to help the person because this will make the chairman even more angry. He will shout at everyone not to help the person or maybe he will start to take out his anger on someone else. Everyone is too scared to do anything because they don’t want to take the risk to be the next person that he will beat up.

Then the chairman will complain and say that he has hurt his hand because he had to slap that person. He will complain and complain and turn it around and say like “you see what you did to my hand? you are such a bad person that you have created harm and injured your teacher.” It becomes that person’s fault that he injured his hand because he said they “made him so angry that he had to use violent methods”.

Of course, nobody can question this violence because the chairman always says that this is from great compassion. He will even say that actually, he finds it very difficult to be angry but he has to FORCE HIMSELF to get angry so that he can teach his students a lesson. He says that he has to use these fierce and violent methods  because the calm and patient methods didn’t work. He will say that it is to purify the negative things in them and he is doing it because he is so kind and he doesn’t want them to suffer later, so it is “better” to make them suffer now in a controlled place. He will also tell stories about how there are very famous teachers in the main temples and monasteries who will beat their students because they are so compassionate and they want to avoid any other bad things happening to them.

All the students will say that the chairman is so kind that he puts himself under such a lot of strain to purify his students because he cares about them so much. When the chairman complains that he has hurt his hand, all the students will rush to him and give all kinds of suggestions how to make him feel better.  Of course, the chairman will refuse any help or any suggestion but he will go on and on and on about how badly that one student treated him and injured him. he will say things like “it’s too late to do anything now, you have already injured me. You are such a negative person that I have to absorb all your negativity”. Then everybody else will turn around to the student who was beaten and say “you see what you did to the chairman now! What kind of person are you! You hurt the chairman! What do you have to say for yourself now!!!” It becomes like everybody in the room will turn against this one person. They will also say “you see, the chairman is so kind. You are such a bad person but he will even take your negativity upon himself and he will suffer for you!” It is like a Jesus complex! So the person who has just been beaten will also have to feel guilty that he made his teacher suffer. everyone will make sure he knows what a bad, bad person he was and he deserves to be treated like that.

I think what JS said is very true. If this is really some kind of compassionate method, then the results should be that people are becoming better people, right? But actually it is the opposite. People who have been beaten become even more scared, they become extremely disturbed and really emotionally screwed up. Sometimes, because of this trauma, they become so shaked up that they make even more mistakes in their work or they cannot perform properly. Then of course, the Chairman gets even more angry at him and the whole thing can repeat again. Everybody around this person also jumps onto the wagon and press him down even further, they want to make sure that he knows what a bad person he is and make him suffer for it. So the person who is beaten feels worse. And all his colleagues around him are also becoming worse – they also become more violent and mean and say even more bad things to make him feel bad. All over, everybody is becoming worse, more scared, more angry, more mean, more guilty…  So this violent method obviously is not working, right???

The chairman even will turn people against their own parents. He is very clever to do this. He will sometimes encourage people to go and see their parents or he will do very nice things like buy them gifts and send very good wishes to them. But then on the other hand, he will also tell people things like “I know you love your parents but your parents are not always right and they might not have wisdom.” It is very manipulative. He will tell them that they must still love their parents and care for them, but they must not listen to them so much because “they don’t know any better’.

Many times the chairman will create meetings or events and people have to attend them if not there will be trouble. So a lot of people, over the years, will cancel plans with their parents last minute or they will even have to leave their family gatherings in the middle. Of course, this is because everyone is made to think that nothing is more important than the teacher and their religious path, so they dare not refuse to come.

Of course, many people’s families, or husbands and wives and parents do not understand this. Some people even have very young children, but it does not matter. Everyone is told that if they drop everything and come to see the chairman when he demands, then they are very good, very committed, very devoted, very good practitioners. Becuase they are so good, then the good energy will also go back to their families and help them.

When anybody’s husband, wife or parents or children get upset, then the chairman will start to manipulate again and he will say “well they don’t know any better. But you have to live your life and you have to do what is best, even if they don’t understand it right now.” There are some people who don’t get to see their parents anymore. Some people don’t spend any time with their children or their children are always just looked after by the maids. People in the company are told that this is very good sacrifice that you are doing for the sake of your family. You are doing good things so that your family will also benefit in the future and in future lives. the Chairman will  even say that Buddha also left his family to go and meditate, so what’s the big deal if you don’t have dinner with your family?

If anybody’s family starts to complain or say things against the company or the chairman, then the Chairman will start to slowly mention negative things about people’s parents or spouses or children. He will say how evil they are that they are trying to stop their family from living their live or doing something good (religion). he will start pointing out to people that their mother is selfish, or their father is mentally off or someone else’s father is so full of anger and there is nothing we can do to help him anymore so you better do more religious practice so you can help him later. If somebody’s parents or family is soft and kind and leaves  their loved ones “alone’ to do whatever they have to do in the company, then the chairman will praise this family and parents and spouse and say how kind and understanding and supportive they are. So it is very manipulative because you are made to feel like your family is only good if they don’t question you, leave you alone in the company and don’t ask to see you at all. If your family make demands to see you or question what you are doing, then the chairman will talk  nonstop about what a bad and unsupportive family this is, how selfish they are and etc.

On the outside, it looks like the chairman supports family harmony but the truth is very different. It is very quiet and it does not happen immediately but it is very clear after awhile that the chairman will start ‘pointing out’ negative things about your family, husband/wife or even children if they do not openly and totally support what you are doing. He will make it look like advice, but actually, he is saying that they are not good, they are not spiritual, they are selfish and attached, they need more religious help. Sometimes he will even tell his students that their parents are going to be reborn in hell or in a “not nice place”. Of course this is scary to hear but then the chairman will tell them the solution is to practice harder and do even more religious practice, then they can “save” their family.

When the chairman hears that people are talking badly about him or the company he will say that it is because they are jealous. He will tell all his students this so that they believe it and they will also use that as an explanation to other people.

Sometimes, there are verbal attacks about the company or there are rumours. Some new people will come and ask about the rumours. So everyone is taught to tell them that it is because people are jealous!! They say “well, look at how big the company has grown. We are the biggest company of our kind in the whole country. Of course people will be jealous of us and they will try to stop us from growing”

Somehow, people are stupid enough to believe this.

The fact is, if you just look at who is saying those rumours, it is people who are not even religious or they are not even in the same religion. But people outside are not so stupid. They can see what is going on and they are telling it like it is!

So everyone, the lesson is: if you hear rumours you must also look at who is saying them. I can guarantee you that most of the time, it is people who are not even related to the company. They are objective, third party people who can see exactly what is happening! Or maybe they are also people who used to be in the company and know exactly what is going on in the inside. If one or two people are saying it, then maybe it’s not true. But if there are many, many people saying it then you got to think – is it true?

The chairman and all his close people expect everyone else to drop everything and run whenever they are called. For example sometimes the Chairman will suddenly wants to go on an outing, or dinner or something. it is always very last minute. Like he will decide by 6pm that he wants to have dinner with some people. He will compile a list of who to invite and then all his assistants will call around like a very urgent case, like it is an emergency. Everyone who is called must accept the invitation and go to the outing or the dinner even if they already have other plans or they are busy. They are expected they must change their plans or cancel. it doesn’t matter even if they have plans with their family or a work meeting. The students and even the chairman will keep saying that the most important thing is the religious teachings and the teacher, so therefore, they must give up everything else. The chairman sometimes will say that he has a special plan for so-and-so and it is very important that they must come. He will say that he thinks the timing is right now and he has somtehing important to tell them and he says that if he spends quality time with so-and-so, then it will be very good for their spiritual journey. So of course the assistants believe that it is good for this person, so they will try everything to make him come and join the outing.

Some people are very firm and they refuse to come because they already have other plans and they cannot cancel it. The chairman will of course get upset. He will say things like “it is there loss. I had so many things to tell them but now i cannot.” He will start talking about how difficult people make it for him to teach religion and how HE has to accommoddate for everybody’s plans. He will say that everybody treats the teacher like shit. They are selfish and attached and they only want material things, that’s why they will reject a sacred and special invitation to spend time with the chairman.

Then he will say that we don’t need to invite these people anymore since “they don’t appreciate it” and they “always make it so difficult to meet up”. Sometimes he will also send out a mass message to everyone with some kind of general message, like pretending that it is a teacher, to say something about how important it is to put the techer first and how peple should not be selective and ungrateful and they must appreciate when the teacher ask to see them. Of course this is supposed to make people feel guilty if they didn’t go for the outing. Sometimes he will also send messages through his personal assistants. They have to go to these people and tell them what a great opportunity they had missed and how the chairman actually had special plans for them, so they have just lost the chance. They will make the person feel ungrateful and stupid. They will say things like “you know the chairman doesn’t see many people. So if he chose you then it must be something special and there must be a reason that will help you for the future”. They will tell them how hard they are making things for the chairman so they feel guilty.

If people say they have family commitments or they have other obligations, they will be told that nothing is more important than their spiritual attainments and spiritual journey and spiritual learnings. If they have all the spiritual blessings from the chairman, then it will make everything else successful for them. They can dedicate the goodness and good karma from spending time with the chairman to their family or friends or business associates. This is supposed to be more powerful than anything. So basically, they are saying that nothing is more important than the chairman. If you see the chairman, then it will be good for you and all your loved ones. If you don’t see the chairman then you have just lost a really good opportunity and any blessings for your family will also be lost. Too bad for you.